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Operator Control Panel

Explore the four components of the operator control panel: power on, login screen, handlebar pressure strip, and emergency stop button.

Starting Daily Cleaning Routine

Learn the proper start-up cleaning procedure for your robot including the filters, wire basket and water fill-up.

Priming the Pump & Setting Water Volume

How to set the desired water volume using the control panel and initiate automatic priming.

Floor Preparation

Learn how to properly prep floors before beginning robot operations.

Determining Cleaning Mode

Explore the four cleaning modes for your robot and what conditions dictate which mode you use.

Manual Cleaning

Learn how to set up and maneuver the robot manually for tight spots or quick spill cleanups.

Area Cleaning

Set up automatic robotic floor cleaning for larger, rectangular, unmapped areas.

Spot Cleaning

Learn how to set up the robot for automatic cleaning of areas of 20 square feet or less.

Route (Map) Cleaning

How to set-up the robot for automatic navigation and cleaning of a programmed route.

Pausing and Restarting

Learn how to use the control panel to pause and resume robot operations.

SWINGOBOT 1650™ and DUOBOT 1850™ Daily Cleaning Routine

The proper cleaning procedure for the SWINGOBOT 1650™ and DUOBOT 1850™, including tank drainage and filter check.

AEROBOT 1850™ Daily Cleaning Routine

How to inspect and replace vacuum bags and clean filter retainers for the AEROBOT 1850™.

Exchanging Battery Packs

Learn how to remove and replace battery packs using the battery exchange cart.

Parking and Storage

The proper method of parking, storing and charging your robot between uses.

Changing Pads or Brushes

Learn how to remove and reinstall pad drivers or brushes on the SWINGOBOT 1650™ Floor Scrubber.

Replacing the Squeegees

Learn how to remove and reinstall the squeegee bar on the SWINGOBOT 1650™ and DUOBOT 1850™.

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