SCRUBBER - for hard surfaces

Engineered for superior scrubbing and sustainability.
A 29" (74 cm) disc scrubber that improves cleaning consistency and reduces cleaning cost.

Our exclusive recycling system allows SWINGOBOT 1650™ to easily work up to 4 hours, and up to 8 hours with the battery exchange kit. Learn More.

Our exclusive purification system recycles water and can filter to one micron, improving performance and sanitation. Learn More.

SWINGOBOT 1650™ uses up to 85% less water and cleaning solution per shift than manual machines, and will accommodate most eco-friendly solutions. Learn More.

The robot alerts the operator whenever the tanks, filters or batteries need servicing, or when it encounters a situation requiring operator direction. Learn More.

The robot is operated through its unique icon-based touchscreen. Learn More.

All routine service components are easily accessible. Learn More.

Accommodates a variety of brush or pad materials, in standard industry sizes. Learn More.

Industries Served

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Airports
Works multiple shifts uninterrupted

The SWINGOBOT 1650™ is capable of running multiple shifts due to an optional battery exchange kit that allows the operator to exchange tired batteries for fresh in just a few minutes.

Just swap and continue – there is no down time waiting for the robot to recharge.

The battery exchange kit includes one extra battery pack and a multifunction battery cart that is used to store the extra battery, withdraw the spent battery pack from the robot, and reinstall a fresh one.

Each maintenance-free battery pack provides up to four hours of uninterrupted run time.

Advanced recycling system

The SWINGOBOT 1650™ has an advanced four-stage purification system that can filter water to one micron, providing clean, reusable water and eliminating wastewater and chemicals by 85%.

This reduces cost and environmental impact.

An optional ultraviolet light sterilization process destroys 99.99% of harmful microorganisms, and unlike chlorine, UV systems are effective against both Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Uses up to 85% less solution

Traditional floor cleaners typically dump more than 100 gallons (379 l) of wastewater and associated chemicals down the drain over a four-hour period.

The SWINGOBOT 1650™ has an advanced, four-stage purification system that can filter water to one micron, providing clean, reusable water, and eliminating wastewater and chemicals by 85%.

This can amount to saving thousands of gallons (or litres) of water and associated cleaning chemicals annually.

Remote diagnostics and reporting

Wi-Fi and 3G communications enable remote diagnostics and on-demand performance reporting.

On-board diagnostics constantly monitor all major systems to self-diagnose problems or routine maintenance needs.

The remote communication function allows the robot to alert the operator as well as TASKI Intellibot service staff.

TASKI Intellibot technicians can remotely diagnose and remediate the problem, significantly reducing downtime and service call expense.

Performance reporting is a powerful accountability tool allowing supervisors to effectively manage the cleaning process.

Reports show the machine location, operator identity, running times and dates, and any maintenance issues.

This information can be e-mailed to a selected account on a predetermined schedule, or wirelessly accessed from our secure customer portal on the TASKI Intellibot Website.

Touchscreen user interface

The 5" (13 cm) color touchscreen control panel makes operation simple.

The robot has an icon-based menu that eliminates language barriers and makes operation easy.

Interactive menus and on-line, multi-lingual help screens guide the user through various functions and cleaning options including Area, Spot, Map, and Manual Clean.

Mapped cleaning routes can be created and stored in memory, and are easily selected depending on cleaning schedule or needs.

A numeric login screen requires operators to provide a password code prior to starting.

This prevents unauthorized use and identifies the user for performance reporting.

Easy accessibility

The robot's front door opens to allow easy access to the brush head and other components (e.g. fuse box, circuit breaker, etc.).

The tank and lid design allow easy access to all filters and to the tank for cleaning.

Bag, filters and the brush head are easily accessible.

A drain hose is built into the machine and is easily accessed by the permanently attached drain valve.

The advanced filter system filters are easily accessible for daily maintenance.

Batteries are interchangeable with the use of an accessory Battery Exchange Kit.

Accommodates a variety of brushes

The robot comes equipped with dual, counter-rotating 15" (38 cm) pads or brushes that rotate at 200 RPM and have a head cleaning pressure of 110 lbs (50 kg).

The scrubbing width is 29" (74 cm).

Depending on the floor surface, the robot can accommodate various abrasive grades of pads and brushes.