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Future Clean - Integrating Robotic Machines into School Cleaning

Building Services Management
October 2015

TASKI Intellibot Hands-Free Cleaning® machines are featured in the Building Services Management article, "Future Clean - Integrating Robotic Machines into School Cleaning", which discusses new solutions for schools looking to shrink janitorial costs while maintaining high cleaning standards. (Full Article)

Double Triumph for Sealed Air at ISSA Innovation Awards

Sustainable Brands
October 2015

TASKI Intellibot SWINGOBOT 755 took home a prestigious ISSA Innovation Award presented at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America exhibition in Las Vegas. The awards recognize groundbreaking products and services in the cleaning and sanitation industry. (Full Article)

Robotic Floor Care Machine Named Winner of AHE Innovation Award

Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine
September 2015

Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division has been presented with The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) Innovation Award for its TASKI® Intellibot® SWINGOBOT 1650™, a “green,” hands-free robotic floor scrubber. (Full Article)

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The Cleaning Industry: Being Revolutionized by Automation

September 2015

TVNZ in New Zealand featured TASKI Intellibot robots in its video series, "Somewhere to Work." The Hands-Free Cleaning® robots are now efficiently cleaning the floors of the Auckland airport, while skillfully avoiding walking passengers. These robots actively work alongside human cleaners, rather than cutting jobs, as highlighted in the TVNZ news segment. (Watch the Video Coverage)

Robot Cleaners Coming to Dubai Malls

Arabian Business
August 2015

Dubai's shopping malls could soon see robots cleaning their floors, if trials underway at Dubai Festival City Mall are successful. (Full Article)

Cleaning Robots Introduced at Auckland Airport

Passenger Terminal Today
July 2015

Global cleaning company OCS has deployed three different models of cleaning robots at Auckland Airport in New Zealand. (Full Article)

Robots cleaning up at Auckland Airport

NZ Herald
July 2015

Robots are now cleaning Auckland Airport. Three robot cleaners, the AeroBot, HydroBot and Duobot are scrubbing, vacuuming and sweeping throughout the international terminal. (Full Article)

The Internet of Clean: Diversey's plan to change commercial cleaning with connected technology

July 2015

Diversey has plans to change the commercial cleaning industry with connected technologies and remote monitoring. At the center of their plan: robots. (Full Article)

Advances in Floor Cleaning Equipment

Health Facilities Management
July 2015

New floor cleaning equipment addresses health care’s concerns regarding patient safety and experience while keeping an eye on costs. (Full Article)

Sealed Air Hits a New 52-Week High on Strong Fundamentals

July 2015

Shares of Sealed Air Corporation hit a new 52-week high of $52.96 on Jul 14, 2015 and eventually closed a notch lower at $52.80. (Full Article)

Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE:SEE) tops stocks to watch list

Stock Transcript
June 2015

Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE:SEE) said that, Diversey Gulf FZE has entered the industrial robotics cleaning market, having acquired a US-based commercial floor cleaning robots, Intellibot Robotics LLC. The robotic cleaning range was introduced to the Middle East at FM Expo 2015. (Full Article)

Sealed Air Introduced Commercial cleaning robots

Hotelier Middle East
June 2015

Sealed Air - Diversey Gulf FZE has entered the industrial robotics cleaning market, having acquired a US-based commercial floor cleaning robots, Intellibot Robotics LLC. The robotic cleaning range was introduced to the Middle East at FM Expo 2015. (Full Article)

A hands-free future is here

Cleaning Matters
May 2015

Sealed Air is so convinced that artificial intelligence technology is the future of the cleaning and hygiene industry that it has joined forces with a pioneer in robotic floor-cleaning machines. (Full Article)

Robotics - the future of cleaning?

European Cleaning Journal
May 2015

Dr Ilham Kadri, president of the Sealed Air Diversey Care business, writes her latest blog for ECJ. Following the company's acquisition of Intellibot Robotics she discusses the potential impact of this technology on the cleaning business. (Full Article)

Sealed Air cleaning up on hygiene business despite strong dollar

The Street
April 2015

Currency headwinds were not strong enough to hold back growth in Sealed Air's hygiene and food care businesses, said the company's CEO Jerome Peribere. (View Video)

Sealed Air protects earnings against a strong dollar

Bloomberg Business
April 2015

Sealed Air CEO Jerome Peribere discusses the company's earnings and restructuring plans with Bloomberg's Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (View Video)

Sealed Air Acquires Assets from Intellibot Robotics

April 2015

Sealed Air (NYSE: SEE) announces the acquisition of assets of Intellibot Robotics LLC. This acquisition is geared toward meeting the demand for automated cleaning machines due to significant advances in technology, labour shortages and the need for higher productivity in daily cleaning tasks. (Full Article)

Robotic cleaning equipment could positively affect school health and productivity

Cleaning & Maintenance Management
April 2015

Intellibot President Erick Frack explains the importance of cleanliness and maintaining germ-free facilities to help increase school health and over-all productivity. (Full Article)

Destination Innovation Contest - Intellibot a Contender

Washington Post
April 2, 2015

Intellibot Robotics competes in Destination Innovation with their revolutionary floor cleaning robots. (Full Article)

The year of the robot is upon us

Facilities Management Magazine: ISSA Today
January 2015

Robots are revolutionizing the cleaning industry by saving labor through hands-free help. (Full Article)

Intellibot a winner at AUSCLEAN 2014 in Melbourne

Inclean Magazine
October 2014

Intellibot's ‘green’ robotic scrubber was a winner at AUSCLEAN 2014. The technology has also been short-listed for an ISSA/Interclean North America Innovation Award. (Full Article)

Intellibot setting the bar in developments in digitization & robots

Schoonmaak Journal
October 2014

Developments in digitalization & robots are having a positive impact on the cleaning industry. Intellibot is setting the bar as an example of how it's done. (Full Article)

Intellibots touch down in NZ

November 2014

The world's most advanced robotic commercial floor-cleaning machine, the Intellibot, has landed in New Zealand and could be coming to an airport, shopping mall or stadium near you. (Full Article)

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Scoop Business

Singapore embraces Intellibot technology

June 2014

The people of Singapore will soon see robot cleaners working at their offices and shopping malls. (Full Article)

2014: The year of the robot

ISSA Today
June 2014

Hands-free cleaning concept embraced by industry experts. (Full Article)

Intellibot President Erick Frack speaks on technology and how it has evolved to improve the cleaning industry

Cleaning & Maintenance Management
May 2014

Advanced auto-scrubber technology can help operations do more with less. (Full Article)

HydroBot® featured as floor cleaning system that improves maneuverability and lowers cost

Health Facilities Management
April 2014

Health Facilities Management recently highlighted the HydroBot (R) as a hands-free scrubber that reduces bacteria by 99.9 percent. (Full Article)

Intellibot Announces New, Smaller Hands-Free℠ Cleaning Machine

Robotic Trends
October 2013

New operating system makes it possible to clean twice as much for less. (Full Article)

HydroBot® Featured as Healthcare Clean Machine

Health Facilities Management
August 2013

Health Facilities Management recently featured HydroBot® in the On Our Radar section of their website, touting the breadth of cleaning area and web-based performance reports. (Full Article)

Robot Floor-Cleaner Helps District Cut Costs, Maintain Cleanliness At High School

Southern Lehigh School District, Laconian Online
April 2013

Shannon Faleski will be the first person to say that she didn’t think the newest member of the Southern Lehigh High School maintenance team was going to be able to cut it with the squad. (Full Article)

Innovation for the Ages

CM/Cleaning and Maintenance Management
January 2013

Achieving goals and fulfilling prospects is much easier if you have the right tools and equipment. (Full Article)

The Push for Higher Productivity

CM/Cleaning and Maintenance Management
November 2012

Achieving higher rates of production requires the proper equipment and understanding their use. (Full Article)

Upper Merion Area Middle School receives robot donations

The Times Herald, Allentown, PA
October 3, 2012

Intellibot donates two robotics products for the school's Technology and Engineering education program. (Full Article)

Robot helps district keep school hallways clean, save money

WFMZ-TV 69 News, Allentown, PA
April, 2012

The Governor Mifflin High School now has some robotic help in making sure its building remains spic and span. You just type in a code, and the Hydrobot® will take care of the rest. (Full Article)

Robot will clean Gov. Mifflin High School floors

Reading Eagle, Reading, PA
March, 2012

Governor Mifflin High School in Shillington, Pennsylvania will have a new face wandering the hallways. It's the face of an Intellibot robotic floor cleaner. (Full Article)

Gov. Mifflin considers adding robot custodian

Reading Eagle, Reading, PA
February 6, 2012

School district considers adding an Intellibot DuoBot® as they look for ways to reduce their spending.
(Full Article)

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Strauss Paper to distribute Intellibot Robotics

CleanLink News
January 24, 2012

Strauss Paper Co. has signed a distribution agreement to add all three of Intellibot's autonomous floor cleaning robots to its product line-up. (Full Article)

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Increase efficiencies with autonomous floor cleaners

Cleaning & Maintenance Management
January, 2012

Autonomous robotic floor cleaners not only provide an immediate return on investment but are better for the environment and deliver improved accountability. (Full Article)

Changing the floor care game

Cleaning & Maintenance Management (
December 22, 2011

Erick Frack, acting president of Intellibot Robotics Inc., explains the dramatic impact autonomous robots are having on floor cleaning – from reduced labor costs, chemistry and water use to increased accountability. (Full Podcast)

Intellibot Robotics relocates HQ to Portland

Portland Business Journal, Portland, OR
November 19, 2011

The Portland Business Journal highlights Intellibot Robotics' decision to relocate their headquarters to Portland, Ore. (Full Article)

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Financial Tech Spotlight
Cleaning & Maintenance Management
The Daily Globe

Springfield schools sweep in to the future

Cleaning & Maintenance Management (
November 18, 2011

In August, the Springfield school district -- through its relationship with national vendor Aramark -- was selected as the first K-12 test site for the Intellibot "Duobot®," an autonomous floor sweeper and scrubber for hard surfaces. The 690-pound gray-and-black robot is designed to clean an average of 10,230 square feet an hour. Find out how this robot is saving the school district time, labor and water. (Full Article)

Intellibot awarded 2011 Robie Award

November 16, 2011

Intellibot's HydroBot® was awarded a 2011 Robie Award as one of the most noteworthy robotics products of 2011. The award was announced during the RoboBusiness Leadership Summit on November 2nd and 3rd in Boston, Massachusetts, and was determined by a panel of industry experts. Other winners included Microsoft's Kinect and Panasonic's HOSPI. (Full Article)

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RoboBusiness Leadership Summit

Challenging Cleaning Projects: A Chat with Curtis McLemore

BSCAI Services Magazine
April 13, 2011

After more than four decades of experience providing day and evening janitorial and related-facility services, it’s probably safe to say that McLemore Building Maintenance has seen it all. (Full article)

School district saves with green initiatives

Fox 29 News, Philadelphia, PA
February 2, 2011

The newest custodian at Upper Merion High School is a robotic floor cleaner that saves water, energy and money. Districtwide, the school is saving $300,000 thanks to green initiatives like the hall sweeper, which replaces a custodian. Mark Gershon, a professor at the Fox School of Business, said going green has become a shield to reduce costs, including using machines to replace jobs. But there might be an upside. "If they had 10 people, maybe they can get by with six, seven or eight now. But the people who are left have to now administer the new technology, so in a sense it upgrades some jobs while eliminating others." (Full Article)

YouTube Videos

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Intellibot Robotics' technology keeps the floors clean at busy George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Learn how this robot provides increased productivity and efficiency in cleaning airport terminals and facilities.

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