TASKI Intellibot is proud to offer you the future of floor care. A future with a significant reduction in labor as our robots think and clean on their own. Wi-Fi & 3G enabled technology that allows for constant contact through text, email and web-based reporting. And an advanced four-stage purification system that reduces the environmental impact. Learn more below about our specific products and the successes our customers are enjoying today with TASKI Intellibot.

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  • Fairview School District - Find out which robot was the perfect match for this school's cleaning and budgetary needs.
  • Upper Merion Area School District - Read about how this school district reduced their custodial operating budget while maintaining the highest level of cleanliness in their schools with TASKI Intellibot's DUOBOT 1850™.
  • Hospital Client Profile - A major, top-ranked children's hospital has deployed the SWINGOBOT 1650™'s advanced Hands-Free Cleaning® operations to maintain their facility with over 28,000 admissions and one million outpatient visits annually.

Product Specifications

Product Features

  • Intelli-Trak™ - Fine-tune your operations and improve performance with our advanced 24/7 real-time monitoring program.
  • Fleet Management - Real-time control and data mean real-time efficiency with Intelli-Trak™.
  • Built-in Safety & Reliability - Learn about TASKI Intellibot's built-in safety and reliability.
  • Hands-Free Cleaning® - It's now possible to clean twice as much, while doing a better job, for less money.