TASKI Intellibot Robots — Your Natural Selection

scrub brush and bucket

Scrub brush & bucket

The scrub brush and bucket were the primitive tools of the early floor cleaner.

mop and broom

Mop & broom

Floor cleaners rise from all fours; begin to stand erect.

backpack vacuum

Backpack vacuum

A variety of powered floor-cleaning species emerge, along with mutations like the backpack vacuum.

industrial scrubber

Industrial scrubber

The industrial revolution spawns the industrial scrubber and vacuum. After a mind-numbing shift behind this machine, mankind longs for its extinction.

riding floor cleaner

Riding floor cleaner

An important milestone - now both the mental and physical capabilities of the operator are completely under-utilized.

intellibot robotics

TASKI Intellibot

Natural selection has led to a new era in floor cleaning - TASKI Intellibot's Hands-Free Cleaning®. Floors everywhere are cleaner and human potential is finally unleashed.

intellibot robotics

Increased productivity

TASKI Intellibot machines channel your human resources into higher level tasks, such as addressing high touch areas, as well as maintenance and general facility upkeep.

Eco-friendly operation

Eco Save®, our advanced purification and recycling system, uses 15 gallons (57 l) of water per four hour shift. That means less water use, less cleaning solution, and 85% less wastewater going down the drain.

Save labor

Our Hands-Free machines can reduce labor costs by up to 85% without compromising quality.

So what's the environmental impact?

  • It can be estimated that a national retail chain will produce 25,000 fewer gallons (95 kl) of wastewater per location per year by using TASKI Intellibot Hands-Free Cleaning®.
  • Our Hands-Free machines can work in the dark, reducing carbon emissions and saving money on air conditioning and lights.
  • Designed for use with eco-friendly cleaning solutions and use an average of 85% less solution per shift.