A Vision Of The Future

Flashback to the 1980s: Electrolux was known in the appliance market for their forward-thinking technological innovation and they charged their subsidiary, The Kent Company, to create a prototype for an automated floor-cleaning machine. Eventually the team brought on Joe Engelberger of the Transitions Research Corporation (TRC). Already well known for his work in the robotics world, Engleberger and his team had a profound influence on what would eventually become TASKI Intellibot.

Despite growing interest in these automated floor cleaners, Electrolux sold The Kent Company in 1999, and the new parent corporation chose not to pursue the product line. Not to be deterred, two of the project’s primary engineers quickly founded their own company to pursue the robots’ continued development. That company became Intellibot Robotics, LLC in 2003.

All Robots, All The Time

The Intellibot team, no longer just an innovative branch of another company, were laser-focused on making awesome floor-cleaning robots, which led to big changes. New generations of robots led to advancements in mapping abilities, followed quickly by a surge of new features—like the robots’ first GUI, and what would later become the advanced navigation present today.

Then, in 2009, a new generation of robots rolled onto the scene—the most radically redesigned versions to date. New techniques for sensor-data acquisition coupled with multi-sensor-modality navigation meant an operator could clean multiple areas without being taught, and the innovative fleet management tool called Intelli-Trak brought updates to the customer via web, email and text.

Today, Intellibot robots are the perfect combination of quality, efficiency, value, and productivity. They offer the latest in technological features such as a UV light for removing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, and they also have a minimal environmental impact compared to traditional floor cleaning methods.

Going Global

In early 2015, Sealed Air Diversey Care, a leader in cleaning innovations, acquired Intellibot Robotics, bringing new resources and a larger perspective on the global market. Working within floor cleaning juggernaut TASKI, this new adventure allows ongoing investments in R&D to create even more advanced robotic solutions.

As more companies continue to embrace the benefits of automatic floor cleaners, TASKI Intellibot continues to increase productivity, lower costs, improve cleaning quality, and provide consistent, accountable results. Find out more about our Hands-Free Cleaning® machines.