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Hands-Free Cleaning®

Prep, Point & Go! It's simple and easy.

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Save Labor

Users have reported as much as an 85% reduction in labor costs.

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Double Productivity

Hands-Free Cleaning® lets you clean the floors and do other tasks simultaneously.

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Eco Save™ Filtration System

4-stage filtration and recycling system uses 85% less water and chemistry.

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Intelli-Trak™ Monitoring

Wireless communication for detailed shift reports, remote diagnostics and alerts.

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Find the right bot for you

HydroBot®, a scrubber for hard surfaces; DuoBot®, a sweeper/scrubber for hard surfaces; AeroBot®, a true vacuum.

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See the robot in action

A quick view of how Hands-Free Cleaning® increases productivity and reduces water and chemistry waste.

Hands-Free Cleaning®

Hands-Free Cleaning® – Intellibot’s New Operating System

Intellibot auto-scrubbers and vacuum offer the ultimate in versatility by allowing the operator to quickly switch between manual cleaning and Hands-Free Cleaning℠. At the push of a button the operator can walk away to clean in other areas while the floor is cleaned – true multi-tasking.

The new Operating System (OS) is easier to use with our new touchscreen -- it requires no programming and is literally Prep, Point & Go!

The Hands-Free Cleaning® OS incorporates up to 19 sensors, giving the robot a 360-degree view of its surroundings, and allowing it to operate and clean on its own. Sensors detect obstacles as well as people -- stopping to let them pass before proceeding -- and stairs, to prevent unwanted spills.

Hands-Free Cleaning® offers several cleaning options to fit your needs including Spot, Area and Custom Map.

Spot Clean is ideal for a defined distance ranging from 20 to 200 feet in one direction. E.g. when an operator only wants to clean a hallway for 50 feet before stopping.

Area Clean provides multiple options for hallways and conference rooms, cleaning the space immediately in front of the machine and then moving on to a second adjoining area. E.g. cleaning a hallway with a dogleg to the right. The machine first cleans the hallway in front of it and then moves to clean the adjoining hallway.

Custom Map is available for more complex layouts and is quoted on an individual basis.

Save Labor

Save Labor

Intellibot’s Hands-Free Cleaning® Operating System saves labor costs associated with floor cleaning. While our machines clean the floors, your staff can be reassigned to work on higher-level projects, dramatically reducing your floor care costs.

Advanced navigation allows each robot to make decisions based on current surroundings.

Run time is approximately four hours per battery pack.

Cleaning quality is predictable and consistent.

Operation is easy with the icon-based touch-screen. Start up is simple: prep the machine, point, and press Go. No other machine allows true multi-tasking.

Double Productivity

Double Productivity

Intellibot boosts productivity three ways:

First, Hands-Free Cleaning® is a staff multiplier. This means that at the push of a button the operator can “just let go” and move on to other cleaning tasks while the machine continues to clean the floor, delivering 2X results with the same amount of labor. For even greater productivity, one person can operate multiple machines.

Second, Intelli-Trak™ remote monitoring help you keep better track of daily operations with wireless performance reports such as location of the robot, operator identity, running times, specific areas, and dates and total usage since the machine was placed in service.

Finally, wireless diagnostics and repairs significantly reduce down time and get your machines back in action faster.

Eco Save™

Eco Save™ Filtration System

Our robots are the ultimate green machines -- reducing, reusing and recycling to eliminate 85% of the water and associated cleaning chemicals used during each shift.

Traditional floor cleaners dump more than 100 gallons of wastewater and associated chemicals down the drain over a four-hour period.

Eco Save™ is an advanced four-stage purification system that can filter water to one micron, providing clean, reusable water and eliminating wastewater and chemicals by 85% to significantly lessen the environmental impact. Eco Save™ is available on the HydroBot® and DuoBot®.


Intelli-Trak™ is Intellibot’s proprietary wireless reporting system that sends performance reports and allows remote diagnostics and repairs for easier operational management.

Intelli-Trak™ remote monitoring helps you keep better track of daily operations with wireless performance reports such as location of the robot, operator identity, running times, specific areas, and dates and total usage since the machine was placed in service.

Overview Screen

The Overview screen identifies each machine in your account, the physical location, date and duration of the last usage, and total usage since the machine was placed in service. Additional details are available under Site Report and Machine Report.

Record Keeping

Performance reports are accessible through Wi-Fi and 3G networks to help supervisors effectively manage the cleaning process. Reports show the machine location, operator identity, running times and dates, and any maintenance issues. This information can be e-mailed to a selected account on a predetermined schedule, or wirelessly accessed from our secure customer portal on the Intellibot website.

Site Report

The Site Report shows all robots at a location and the individual serial numbers, the model, date and time of the last usage, total usage, date of last service, date of installation, and indicates if robots are presently online and communicating with the server.

Machine Report

The Machine Report is for an individual unit showing the date of usage, start time, duration, the individual route that was run (there can be multiple routes at a facility), the operator, and a status report. This information is available on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Report Administration

Administration access is through the Contacts Form. The administrator sets up everyone in the organization who should receive reports. Individuals may select the frequency and method they prefer to receive the reports, e.g. daily on-line, or weekly via email.

Remote Diagnostics

Wireless diagnostics of machine problems -- including environmental or system issues – means problems can be identified instantly and service is immediately alerted. Service techs can remotely resolve many problems without a service call. Faster response to service issues and repairs significantly reduces down time and gets your machines back in action faster.